CSRL-Structwel Lab (Pune) Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Construction and Scientific Research Lab (Pune) Pvt. Ltd. (CSRL) and Structwel Designers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune (R&D Unit). The venture was formed on 05th April 2007 with an aim to collaborate for technical expertise and skills to serve the clients in its best possible capacity. CSRL-Structwel Lab (Pune) Pvt. Ltd. is the product of rich experience and unparalleled expertise of CSRL & Structwel that have been working in this area for around 34 years and 31 years respectively.

CSRL-Structwel Lab (Pune) Pvt. Ltd. offers the following services

  • Non-destructive testing – The laboratory offers a range of non-destructive testing that evaluate the extent and severity of damages without causing any harm to the structure. The range includes Schmidt Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse velocity. Cover Meter, Half Cell Potentiometer, Carbonation, Endoscopy, Slab load, GPR, Thermography etc. among many others.
  • Geotechnical Testing – It includes Standard Penetration, Field Density, Field CBR, Plate Load, Soil investigation, Permeability etc.
  • The laboratory also offers Structural Analysis by means of various engineering tests such as Deflection Monitoring, Strain Gauge Monitoring etc.
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